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Imagine never again having to worry about that

dreaded witching hour question

Mum, I’m hungry – what’s for dinner?

We have dinner sorted for you. Delicious, professionally prepared meals, cooked in your own kitchen and packaged ready to reheat from your fridge and freezer.

Whether you are a busy working family, a family of fussy eaters or have a loved one that would benefit from having a stock of home style meals on hand while they get back on their feet, our menu has been designed to use the best of seasonal, easy to get ingredients. You do your own shopping so you choose the type of ingredients you prefer. Whether you prefer to get your groceries from your supermarket online, you prefer organic or you have a favourite local green grocer and butcher, that’s OK.  The choice is yours. We send you an easy to follow shopping list.

As a working mum and grandmother to 8, Iris understands the pressure on families to create a meal each night that the whole family will enjoy. Meal times should be about coming together as a family and at the same time enjoying a nutritious, yummy meal That is why Iris created “What’s for Dinner”

As a qualified chef, with over 30 years’ experience in cooking and baking, Iris is passionate about eating clean and green and avoiding packaged food and food containing chemicals and preservatives. Fresh fruit and vegetables are so readily available today that there is no need to include packaged product in our diets.

We make everything from scratch using simple, wholesome ingredients and our menu helps you to choose meals that are as full of flavour. as they are nutritious and good for you. Using food in season ensures that what you purchase is at its optimum nutritionally…just what you need for your family.

Would you like your refrigerator filled with nutritious, healthy home cooked meals every week?


Qualified personal chef and pastry chef available for hire and specialising in healthy meal preparation for busy people

Make your choices from the list below

Healthier options or perhaps GF or Vegetarian are available

Need delicious meals for a party? Call to discuss.

Cooked in your home


✅$400 – 50 serves across 4 meal choices

✅Fresh, homemade, healthy, nutritious and delicious food!

✅Vegetarian, Meat, Fish, Gluten Free, Low Carb…. all diets catered for.

Book now to secure your meal prep service. Inbox or call now for menus and to lock in your spot!

Chef Iris Windsor call 0418 792 480 or email [email protected] 

($200 deposit required to secure your booking)


 Bolognaise sauce

Just like Nona used to make. A ragu of beef and tomatoes cooked long and slow. Can be packaged to allow you to cook your pasta as you go or packaged with the pasta included in the box

This is a great standby to always have tucked away in the freezer to be brought out anytime over the next 6 months

Can be used to make Lasagne and Pasta Bake

We recommend traditional pasta for this dish. Remember that fresh pasta is going to give you a better end result


This traditional homemade version of classic Italian tastes has been perfected over years of family cooking.

This lasagne is made in the traditional way with slow cooked bolognaise ragu layered between fresh pasta and delicious béchamel sauce

It is then baked to provide the perfect balance of classic Italian tastes that is both filling and satisfying.

This dish brings people around a table to share delicious flavours

Extra red sauce can be packaged and frozen to serve later as Bolognaise or Pasta Bake

Italian Meatballs and Spaghetti

Who doesn’t love Spaghetti and Meatballs? This is a simple, yet traditional comfort food that delivers big on flavour and is a classic for the whole family, loved by both adults and children

Pasta and meat dishes are part of the culinary tradition of several parts of southern Italy and these tasty little pork and beef meatballs are served on a bed of Spaghetti

Saying that these meatballs are better than Nona’s is not a good idea but she will never know if we just think it!!

Simmer away while you cook the pasta or have the pasta cooked and packaged with the meatballs

Garnish with Parmesan Cheese for a little more traditional one

Delicious on a bread roll or wrap the next day

Grandma’s Meatballs with Tomato Onion Gravy

These tasty beef meatballs are made using my grandmothers recipe. Full of finely chopped fresh vegetables and herbs straight from the garden, they were always a winner. They are incredibly delicious

Combine this dish with your favourite mash and steamed vegetables of your choice and you have a favourite with all of the family

Not complete without the minted peas

Delicious hot or cold, these meatballs are perfect for snacks and make the most amazing meatball sandwich or sub for lunch the next day

For a lighter lunch, combine with some store purchased slaw or a tossed salad

Cottage Pie

Picture yourself in a country cottage tucking into a dish of richly flavoured prime minced beef, simmered with fresh herbs and vegetables and topped with a deliciously crunchy golden mashed potato or cauliflower topping. This recipe has been handed down through generations of a farming community

Cottage Pie is a perfectly balanced meal incorporating vegetables. A comforting classic made extraordinarily healthy and deliciously simple

Shepherd’s Pie

As above but using a combination of minced beef and lamb

Savoury Mince

This delicious super versatile mince dish is an old family favourite for a Sunday dinner or a weekend breakfast

Pairing mince with fresh chopped vegetables and the perfect combination of herbs and spices, this dish is a great standby

It can be served on hot buttered toast for breakfast, with rice or pasta as an evening meal or lunch dish or used as a base for a Cottage or Shepherds Pie

It is amazing served over a baked or microwave steamed whole potato, topped with cheese and grilled, or served simply in a beautiful fresh bun, hot or cold for lunch.

Freezing does not impair quality…it is still delicious!

Baked Sausages

This is a family favourite that turns the humble sausage into a gourmet feast. Sweet baby tomatoes are oven baked with garlic and balsamic vinegar to draw out the flavour and sweetness of the tomatoes. Good quality sausages are then baked on top. This dish is sure to be a winner

Definitely making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!

Freezes well or can be used for lunches the next day either heated with left over vegetables or is delicious on a soft bun or wrap

Sausages in Tomato and Onion Gravy

Sausages combined with a rich tomato and onion base and slowly simmered along with your favourite delicious creamy mash are a match made in heaven. This can be served as a traditional meal or the sausages can be sliced and served over your choice of traditional or pulse pasta

Great heated for breakfast on hot richly buttered toast

Curried Sausages

Take a trip down memory lane with this classic. Remember Grandmas Curried Sausages? How can we forget?

Using the best quality beef sausages or the cheapest sausages from the supermarket, this dish will be a reminder.

There are many recipes for curried sausages but this recipe beautifully balances the spiciness of your favourite mildly flavoured curry powder with the sweetness of a good fruit chutney

Great heated next day for lunches or fancy curried sausages on hot buttered toast for breakfast

Roasted Mediterranean Chicken with Lemons, Potatoes and Feta

Mediterranean ingredients such as lemon, oregano, feta, tomatoes, olives and garlic turn ordinary chicken into a spectacular dinner

Flavour inspiration is Greek

Most delicious with skin in, bone in thighs but use skin off thighs for a more calorie-controlled version

All cooked in one dish, this is equally perfect for a busy weeknight or for entertaining friends

The rich lemony sauce is tempered by the saltiness if the feta cheese

Lemon and oregano perfectly enhance the chicken in this dish…

Mediterranean summer lunch

Full of Mediterranean flavours, this baked chicken dish is great for a Mediterranean inspired lunch for the family or when entertaining

Flavour packed, the family will love it. It doesn’t get any simpler

Roast Beef with Roasted Vegetables and Steamed Greens

Like the simple things in life? Roasted long and slow to present as a mouth wateringly fork tender cut or roasted more quickly and served medium rare. The choice is yours. Drizzled with red wine and inspired by the rich flavours of the Mediterranean, takes this dish to another level

Serve with a rich red wine gravy,

Roast Lamb

While Australians hold lamb in the highest esteem, this simple yet stunning dish with all the trimmings is made just the way Grandma used to make it with delicious results. It combines lamb with its favourite flavour partners, garlic and rosemary. It is rich and flavoursome and melts in your mouth.

This all-time family favourite has tender slices of oven roasted lamb topped with gravy made from the baking juices and served with delectable roasted vegetables.

You decide whether you want your lamb cooked fast and hot to perfection or cooked slowly to forked tenderness

Can be served reheated as a meal the next day or made into delicious lamb sandwiches.

Corned Beef with White Sauce, Mash and Steamed Vegetables

Corned silverside is slowly cooked over several hours with peppercorns, cloves and fresh herbs to produce an amazingly tender and delicately flavoured delicious meat

This is a healthy meat and 3 Veg staple that has been a winning favourite for many, many, years.

Corned beef is great chopped over a store-bought Cole Slaw as a salad or as a sandwich on your favourite fresh bread, a wrap or a bun

Serve with creamy white sauce of your choice, flavoured with onions, mustard or parsley

Lamb Shanks in Red Wine

Mouth wateringly “fall off the bone” tender lamb shanks slow cooked in full bodied red wine, tomatoes, herbs and spices over a period of hours, produces a truly delicious family dish or a dish fit for entertaining.

Seasoned to perfection, this dish is an all-out winner and is definitely lamb shanks without the wait!

Great for a healthy and tempting evening meal

Fragrant Balinese Chicken Curry

Try the authentic flavours of SE Asia with this delicious chicken dish. This light and fragrant curry is alive with the flavour of a combination of fresh herbs. Roasted in coconut milk, the freshly chopped and ground herb combinations in this dish keep it light, suiting the hot conditions of Bali and hence, is right for our weather conditions. This is a truly delicious and mouth-watering dish that you will want to have over and over. Contains no hot spices so is suitable for the whole family.

Great to be reheated the next day for lunches

Madras Lamb Curry

There is nothing better than a night in with a home cooked curry

Although the name suggests that it is an Indian Curry, this popular dish is a version of the light curries cooked in Southern India

This heavenly slow cooked curry is made by simmering lamb with a variety of spices to make a delicately flavoured curry. This is a family favourite but can be spiced up for those who like it hot. This is a moist well flavoured dish that has been passed down from my family.

Microwave pappadams

Green Chicken or Seafood Curry

Enjoy the flavours of SE Asia with this subtlety spicy and sweet curry that is packed with flavour. This dish is stunning to admire, smell and taste

Equally delicious with a variety of seafood like prawns, scallops, and white fish or white fish and/ or salmon for a fish curry, this dish is sure to please.

Try sliced chicken thighs for a chicken curry. The secret is in the sauce!

This curry uses delicately cooked greens so all there is to do is just add the rice.

Chickpea and Pumpkin Curry

GF, V and Vegan

This delicious delicately flavoured plant powered dish is warming and a ridiculously healthy and tasty curry.

It is fibre rich and meatless made extra creamy by simmering in coconut milk. Packed with warming curry spices and fresh vegetables it is a meal for all of the family. This highly addictive curry is substantial and I promise that you will not miss the meat. Tastes even better if left in the fridge for a day or two and freezes and defrosts perfectly

If you wish to add meat, try prawns. Delicious!!

Chicken in Satay Sauce

This delectable dish of marinated sliced chicken meat bathed in a piquant satay sauce. It is a delicious South East Asian staple just like the street food native to Indonesia. Echoing the flavours of the best street food in Asia this satay chicken is a must to include on any menu.

Ideal for adults and children alike. Deliciously spiced in a sweet and tangy peanut sauce it is a great noodle or rice dish. We have you covered with this juicy and tender chicken dish in an authentic tasting satay sauce that imbues this dish with a subtle sweetness

 Chicken Tikka

Love curries? This authentic tasting succulent chicken curry dish is a rich and creamy blend of aromatic, mild spices in a fusion of tomato, cream, yoghurt and honey.

Thickened with almonds and heady with the aroma of toasted and freshly ground spices, this curry is mild in flavour, making it a great choice for the family.

This healthy dinner option is perfect for those who enjoy the flavour and don’t like a lot of spiciness

Chilli Con Carne

This is a spicy meat stew containing meat, tomatoes, herbs and beans that the whole family can enjoy

Healthy eating vegetarian option packed with vegetables to be enjoyed over rice, in Burritos, Tacos, Enchiladas or to be used as a dip with corn chips as Nachos

This is a simple dish and a versatile family recipe. It is rich and delicious recipe that features tender beef and beans in a rich tomato based sauce

Great standby dish that is equal parts scrumptious and satisfying

Mum’s Traditional Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf is the ultimate comfort food enjoyed hot with vegetables, cold with salad or sliced onto a sandwich with relish or chutney.

Let the family feast on this deliciously moist and flavoursome meat loaf. It’s a favourite with kids and adults and is a classic that never goes away

Serve with a gravy made from the juices or make a BBQ sauce to serve

Great sliced and used on sandwiches and rolls


Sides Menu suggestion 


Mashed potato

Mashed pumpkin

Mashed sweet potato

Mashed cauliflower

Mashed combination of any of the above










Vegetables for Roasting



Sweet potato









Rice, brown or white

Pasta, regular, GF, pulse, your choice of shape, noodles


Plain Greek yoghurt

Mango Chutney

Mint Sauce

Roasted unsalted peanuts


Sour Cream

Whats for dinner

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